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Tonal Range - Barry DiBernardo


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Our lives at times seem a study in contrast… love & hate, birth & death, right & wrong… everything seen in absolutes of black & white. Too often we are not aware that it is the shades of grey that add depth & meaning to the starkness of those extremes.
— Ansel Adams

On April 22nd, 1984, American photographer Ansel Adams passed away leaving behind a legacy and body of work that would forever influence landscape photography. His iconic black-and-white images helped to establish photography among the fine arts. 

That very same day in April of 84’ Barry DiBernardo stepped foot onto Yosemite National Park on a trip scheduled to meet Ansel. 

Call it fate, call it coincidence, but Barry wasn’t able to meet his idol on that trip. Instead, he took his spirit with him, and began his pursuit in creating some of the most impressive photographs of Yosemite National Park since Ansel. 

I love your images you made in Yosemite in May 2018.  The clarity and the light are superb.  Your style and technique is like Ansel Adams with modern technology of today’s world.  If Ansel Adams was alive I know he would be impressed with your work and creativity.   In Ansel Adams time he was hired out to test film and new technology.  I feel you are following in his footsteps. I am excited for your new work and looking forward to seeing more.
— Christine Loberg, Former Assistant to Ansel Adams
Barry DiBernardo on location in Yosemite National Park. 2018

Barry DiBernardo on location in Yosemite National Park. 2018

Barry was enamored by photography since the age of 12. He learned still photography quickly and received the Top Award by the New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs 3 years in a row. Simultaneously at age 16, was recognized by Eastman Kodak for his motion picture abilities by winning the Kodak International Teenage Movie Award Competition.

Barry DiBernardo started his professional photographic career at age, 16, with weddings, portraits, commercial and convention photography. His efforts continued thru college and medical school. In surgical residency, he was the creator and Founder of, Dermagraphix®, an imaging system for the early detection of skin cancers now used worldwide.  Once in Plastic Surgery, Dr DiBernardo created and published, The Photographic Standards in Clinical Photography and is one of the world leaders in clinical imaging as well as light and energy-based aesthetic treatment devices.

His love for landscape and nature photography started early as well.  Over the years, he has traveled the world, pole to pole with National Geographic.

I met Barry several years ago on a National Geographic Expedition; it was a working trip for me as I was onboard as the National Geographic Photographer.  In addition to an almost immediate friendship based on our mutual love of photography, I was also impressed with his ability to “see” strong compositional elements, along with capturing moments and details in so many situations. His understanding of those critical components of photography naturally led to his ability to create great photographs, a rare ability in this craft.  I thoroughly enjoy viewing his work.
—  Jay Dickman, National Geographic Photographer, Pulitzer Prize Recipient
Cathedral Rocks Pond - Yosemite National Park, 2018 - Barry DiBernardo

Cathedral Rocks Pond - Yosemite National Park, 2018 - Barry DiBernardo

The evolution from film to digital evolved over his photographic career.

With and eye for image and beauty, both in photography and Plastic Surgery, Barry DiBernardo is now producing images which are once finally to the standards of film.  Technology both in cameras and printing, had to progress to the point of sensors seeing as close to the human eye as never seen before. He believes we have entered a new era of the photographic experience. And has been championing the best technology in the industry today. In fact he is one of a few photographers in the country using the Phase One 150 Megapixel Back with the Danish View Camera Cambo, and the finest Rodenstock German lenses.

It has been an honor working with Dr. Barry DiBernardo in his quest to capture the highest quality photographs of a variety of subjects. His dedication to detail and composition is evident in the images that you are viewing at his latest exposition at Gallery L.  He is following in the footsteps of the great photographers of the past such as Ansel Adams while using the latest in modern a digital / hybrid capture system that is available today. The system that he uses consists of the Phase One IQ4-150 which has a 150 megapixel sensor attached to the Cambo WRS 72/50 Anniversary Edition body utilizing the highest quality lenses by Rodenstock which allows him to capture almost an infinite amount of image quality and detail.
— Lance Schad, Digital Transitions
Yosemite Valley - Barry DiBernardo, 2018

Yosemite Valley - Barry DiBernardo, 2018

Please join us, Friday March 22 at 6:30PM for the undeniable works of Barry DiBernardo.
This will be DiBernardo’s very first time showing his impressive body of work in a Gallery setting, including works from his most recent trip this February of Yosemite in Winter.



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